Don't Worry About Your Post-Construction Mess

Don't Worry About Your Post-Construction Mess

Trust Celenia's Cleaning with your post-construction cleanup project in Bethel & Danbury, CT

Did you just complete construction on a new home? If so, the site is probably littered with dust, debris and trash. Celenia's Cleaning LLC tackles post-construction cleaning jobs in the surrounding areas of Bethel and Danbury, CT.

Building a home is an exhausting process. When you’re done, the last thing you want to do is clean up the aftermath. Hire us to complete your post-construction cleanup job before the new homeowners move in.

Instead of directing your employees to clean, have them get started on the next construction project. We have the tools to clean up post-construction homes safely and quickly. The last thing you want is an employee injuring themselves while cleaning up a home.

Get the ball rolling on your post-construction cleaning project by calling 203-788-0153.

3 benefits of hiring a post-construction cleaning service

Hiring a post-construction cleaning company to clean up your construction mess is a smart investment because it:

  1. Makes sure waste is disposed of properly
  2. Makes sure the job gets done quickly
  3. Allows your employees to work on construction instead

Schedule post-construction cleanup services today.